Very Small Backyard Ideas On A Budget

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You can make your garden a pleasant and relaxing space, even if it is very small. You just need to make the most of every inch.

Transforming your small garden doesn’t have to be expensive either. Here’s a list of inexpensive garden ideas to help you transform your space in no time!

From adding patio furniture to decorative plants and decorations, we have everything you need!


1. Wooden planter with lattice trellis

A practical trellis like this one will give your garden a whole new look! Its rosewood color, sturdy design, and weather-resistant features make it a wonderful addition to your space.

Add some climbing plants for privacy and shade, or any garden protection design ideas you can think of.

2. Corner pergola with simple table

If you’re short on space, make the most of every inch by creating a cozy seating area in the corner of your garden. Add a pergola, vines and terracotta pots to transform a concrete nook into a relaxing retreat.

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3. Grass island

A circular lawn helps a small square garden look less closed and square. A trellis is a great way to hide an ugly shed and divide your garden into defined spaces.

4. Plants and bench

Use plants of different heights and colors to disguise walls and fences. This will help your garden look more like a forest than a square concrete garden.

You can also mix in a variety of potted plants in the background for a more tropical feel.

5. Old garden steps

Recycle your old garden steps as a base for layered planting. The extra height means they take up less space than regular beds, making them ideal for small gardens.

6. Mirror in garden

A mirror is ideal for making a small space appear larger. It also reflects more light into the garden, so it will appear less closed off.

If you have a small urban garden or city garden, this trick works wonders too!

7. Middlesized garden with deck

You can use different flooring styles to create defined areas in your small garden and make it more spacious. This tiered garden looks great with a covered seating area, a grassy area to relax or play in, and a gravel area in the back for a shed and some greenery.

8. Vertical garden

A vertical garden is a great solution if you don’t have a lot of space to plant in the ground. This example uses a recycled stair rail to create a beautiful herb garden.

9. Hanging flowers

If you have a tree, try hanging plants or flowers on it to gain some space. If you’re on a tight budget, brighten an old colander with some paint and use it as a hanging basket.

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Drain holes are perfect for allowing excess water to drain out.

10. Vertical vegetable garden

Grow your own herbs or vegetables in your backyard in a homemade vertical garden. Design your garden that works for you and your needs.

11. Small cosy side yard

You can even create a comfortable place to relax on a side patio. Use light colors to give the feeling of space and lightness.

Bamboo screen is an inexpensive way to cover a simple wall or fence.

12. Bricks and plants

Use asymmetrical plants to make your garden less square and demanding. Bricks are a simple and affordable material for creating your own flower beds.

13. Small patio with couch

You don’t need a huge space to create a relaxing outdoor environment. All you need is a comfortable sofa to spend those sunny days and add some flower beds and a manicured lawn to give it a contemporary look.

Be sure to place your outdoor seating in sunny spots in your mid-sized garden to take advantage of the warm weather. Add a shade source like a pergola to protect yourself from UV rays.

14. Zen small backyard

The sound of a trickling water fountain is perfect to help you relax in your zen garden. Add some simple flowers and plants for a pop of color.

15. Plant walls

If you like greenery but don’t have a lot of space to plant in the ground, try walls! A living wall is the perfect way to spruce up a fence or shed.

16. Corner planters

Make the most of every little space in your garden by adding some corner planters. If you have a small patio, this is the perfect solution to add some color to a given space.

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17. Open simple garden

If your garden has simple walls, brighten them up with some hanging pots and tall pots. Add a bench so you can sit and enjoy your garden.

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