Small Backyard Ideas – Landscaping Patio String Lights

backyard string lights

Small Backyard Ideas , Landscaping Patio String Lights . Coffee on the back terrace, afternoons in the garden, barbecues on weekends … In warmer weather, we all want to spend more time outdoors. And when you do, you want your garden to be in top shape. These best garden ideas are a great place to start. We have endless ideas on how to beautify your space, from installing a fire pit to setting up a storage tank pool. If you are looking for a big project to take on, we suggest you try your hand at these garden shed ideas or build your own DIY picnic tables. These projects are sure to add a lot of wow factor to your garden makeover!

But if you need something more restrained, just install some pretty string lights in your garden to really make it shine. String lights are just one of many best ideas for outdoor lighting. In this gallery we have put together countless of our favorite ideas for fairy lights. Scroll through to find creative ideas that include everything from mason jars to twinkling lights. Once you’ve made improvements big and small, it’s time to invite your friends and family to celebrate your beautiful new garden with these summer barbecue party ideas and summer outdoor games.

Brighten Up Your Dining Area

Create the perfect outdoor dining area for summery dinner parties with a few string lights. Also sprinkle some lanterns on the table to achieve an outdoor candlelight.

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backyard string lights outdoor dining area

Use A Potted Plant Base

Camouflage the wooden pole holding your string lights with a pretty potted plant. The heavy base of the planter will help keep things stable, while your flowers and greenery will add a feast for the eyes to this decor.

backyard string lights potted plant base

Lighten Up Your Living Space

Make yourself comfortable in your garden with comfortable garden furniture and fairy lights hanging from above. This has just become her new favorite room in the house.

backyard string lights outdoor living room

Gussy Up Your Garden Party

Host your next garden party in style. A pair of string lights create a tent-like effect above this outdoor dining table, which is perfect for spring.

backyard string lights outdoor dining table

Keep The Fire Pit Aglow

We expect many summer nights spent by the fire. Make your backyard fire pit the ultimate gathering place with Adirondack chairs, string lights, and s’mores.
backyard string lights tree base

Spruce Up Your Privacy Fence

Create a cozy backyard living area with a plush sofa and cushions, tons of potted plants and a privacy fence made of wooden pallets. Fairy lights help to turn the fence from a boring backdrop into an inspiring installation.
backyard string lights privacy fence

Add Shine To Your Stock Tank Pool

Hang string lights over your storage tank pool to create the perfect garden oasis.

backyard string lights stock tank pool

Make Your Back Patio Glow

It’s always a starry night when you hang string lights over your back patio. You will want to relax in this pleasant place every day of the week.
backyard string lights back patio

Double up the Glow

The combination of simple fairy lights with illuminated glasses ensures a breathtaking display. Who wouldn’t like to take a seat at this outdoor dining table?

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patio string lights trees

Keep It Casual

With lighting, you do not need to overdo it. Just a simple strand draped over the table will look effortless. In addition, your beautiful table landscape will be the center of attention.

patio string lights simple

Find a Focal Point

Letting your lights meet on a centered light fixture will make your space more symmetrical. You can use the pendant for more light or just as a decoration.

patio string lights center

Fall in Line

A streamlined strand will make the area look beautiful and clean. Then you can decorate with all sorts of bells and whistles.

patio string lights line

Cut Some Corners

In the case of a covered terrace, the easiest way to fix the strands is to simply attach them to each corner of the roof. It makes hanging lights look uniform – not messy.

patio string lights

Freestanding String Lights

You do not have an existing structure on which you can hang string lights for outdoor use? Cement poles at the bottom of planters anchored to each corner of your patio.
outdoor string lights

Outdoor Patio String Lights

Café-style lights make this idyllic Californian backyard feel like the enchanting French countryside.
porch decorating ideas

String Around a Pergola

Outdoor string lights are the finishing touch to this amazing DIY pergola and fire pit setup.
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Above a Fire Pit

There is nothing better than sitting around a fire pit with friends and family, drinking, reminiscing and making s’mores. Only fairy lights could make this moment even more cozy.

outdoor string lights


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