Small Backyard Landscaping On A Budget Simple Garden Ideas

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Some of you may remember that we recently moved into a new house. We really like our new neighborhood and we’ve already made some friends here! I wish I could tell you that this beautiful backyard garden used to be ours, but we have nothing but grass and a small tree in our backyard. However, we have been receiving many ideas for future projects, observing some of the wonderful gardens in the neighborhood. One of my favorites is this beautiful patio that belongs to our new friends Sharon and Neil. They generously offered to let me photograph it and Sharon shared many of her gardening and landscaping tips with me so she could pass them on to you.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Isn’t it beautiful? The first time I saw it, I wanted to take everything and throw it in my garden!

Use Curved or Rounded Lines

One of Sharon’s tips is to use curved lines instead of straight ones, for a more pleasing natural look. Note the rounded edge on the patio wall, the curve of the stone path and the winding edge along the lawn.

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Landscaping Perfect Edge

To get the perfect curved edge they used this flexible steel edge they bought at Home Depot. The fact that it is green means that it blends in perfectly with the grass in such a way that you hardly notice it.

Garden Fountain

Anchor the Corners of your Yard with Larger Trees

Another tip from Sharon is to anchor the corners of the patio with some larger trees. They provide privacy from neighbors and are a good backdrop for anything you throw in front of them. I love the contrast of the beautiful white fountain in front of these evergreen trees.

Garden Landscape Ideas

This is the opposite corner of the courtyard. More evergreens and some beautiful tall myrtles. I can’t wait to see them when they’re blooming!

Landscape Ideas

Use Garden Pots, Urns and Statuary in your Design to add Interest

Throughout the garden, Sharon has placed garden pots, urns and statues to add a little more interest and color.

Garden Statuary

Use Wire Furniture as Props for Pots

I love how Sharon used this metal chair as a stand for this urn. It adds some height and the curved lines of the chair complement it well.

Garden Whimsey

Mix things up with Fun Whimsical Accents

Don’t be afraid to add some whimsical touches to your garden! How cute are these little feet, placed under this traditional garden urn!

Whimsical Garden Ideas

Use Edible Plants in your Design

Sharon and Neil planted herbs in various pots around the garden. I love how they look in these beautiful Tuscany Posts! The plants are beautiful and just steps away from the kitchen, so convenient when you need a sprig or two to spice up your favorite dish!

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Herb Container Gardens

Trim your Bushes and Shrubs to change their Shape

I think this tip is my favorite! Notice that the tree above has such an interesting shape. I thought it was some kind of unusual holly specimen, but it’s actually an ordinary holly that Sharon and Neil cut. They removed all the lower branches and kept the upper ones and then cut them back to create this beautiful shape!

Trimming Trees

Take Your Time

I hope you enjoyed the tour of this beautiful garden and I hope you have some great backyard landscaping ideas! Sharon’s final advice was that it takes time. They’ve spent many years working in her garden, it didn’t happen overnight, so she enjoys the process. Great advice for Mr. Fairy and I as we look out over our empty courtyard and begin to visualize how we would like to plan things. It was the same in our last two houses so I think we are up for the challenge once again.

Many thanks to Sharon and Neil for letting me photograph and blog about their garden! Sharon is a former decorator and has also done wonderful things inside her home. I hope to convince her to let me take a Christmas tour of her beautiful home, so keep your fingers crossed for that!


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